Kurrent Music Jukeblog for Wordpress
Introducing Kurrent Music


A Wordpress Plugin

Spice up your music blogs with Kurrent Music Jukeblog for Wordpress

Focus on what's important: Sharing Your Opinion!

What’s more frustrating than an obnoxious troll creeping into your feed? Wasting time looking for images to compliment up your latest blog!

Kurrent Music Jukeblog for Wordpress helps music bloggers avoid the time-consuming hassles normally associated with enhancing the visuals of a blog by automatically supplementing relevant music information like artist images, bios, top songs, discography, etc.

Spend less time researching for visuals to enhance your post and more time writing. Simply define the artist, album and layout you wish to display and voila!

We've curated and aggregated all the data sources so you don't have to. Now you can focus on what’s important: sharing your opinion with the world!...and maybe dealing with that annoying troll.

Here's what the Kurrent Music Jukeblog Plugin can do for you:

  • You write, we enhance

    A vast library of artists, albums, songs right at your fingertips. Write your blog, customize the viewer options, and publish your post...it's that simple!

  • Save time

    Stop the painstaking searching for the right image or additional information for your blog – KMC does it automatically for you

  • Make your blog pop

    Add a hot looking widget with supplemental content to your post without having to modify html or css.

  • Easy configuration

    Select the artist/album related to your blog and automatically include their bio, discography, top songs, related blogs & articles

  • Theme aware

    No need to edit HTML, add styles, tweak image sizes, fonts or colors for the widget. It automatically adapts to your site.

  • Multiple display options

    Whether you’re interested in an artist’s bio, their top songs, discography, album cover, album songs, or simply want to add valuable related blogs and news by industry experts, you can do just that with KurrentMusic Jukeblog and just a few clicks.

Options include:

  • Artist Bio
  • Discography
  • Artist Top Songs
  • Other Blogs written about the Artist
  • Latest Artist News
  • Album Cover
  • Album Songs
  • Blogs about Album
  • Latest Album News

Try it for yourself...thank us later!

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